Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Felt hat and bag

 I tried my hand at making a felt hat out of wool roving this month, I wanted a 20's look it was a little tricky and was a mixture of both felting techniques ( needle felting and wet felting) but as a first attempt its not bad!

I had to felt the wool directly onto model it wasn't as simple as thought it would be...  

 At this stage my son kept saying "it looks nice ...but a bit like an army helmet".. Great!

 And a few needle felt lilies to finish..

The felted handbag...

I really enjoyed making this ( again i used a wet felting technique to make the basic structure of the bag ( and the flower heads).

Finally I needle felted the inside and added some handles.... I'm pretty pleased with how this came out and I've got someone in mind to give it to as a handcrafted Christmas present! I hope they like it!!!

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contrary mary said...

Love it! Very House of Elliot!